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2020-06-01 First Amendment [State Public Assistance]

This opportunity is maintained by State Public Assistance

Eligible Entities: Cities, Counties, Towns

Originally Posted: August 1, 2021


State Public Assistance (SPA) Program Overview
Code of Virginia § 44-146.28 describes the authority of Governor and agencies under his control in declared state of emergency.

The State Public Assistance program may allow for reimbursement of eligible costs under the FEMA Public Assistance program, if federal cost thresholds are not met to warrant a federal disaster declaration. Funding for the SPA program is administered by VDEM; however, the final funding amounts are at the Governor’s discretion.

Applicants for State PA may be eligible if they can demonstrate that they are incapable of covering the full cost due to financial hardship

  • In order to demonstrate financial hardship, a letter must be submitted detailing the inability to cover the cost of the First Amendment/Civil Unrest Event
  • The cumulative effect of recent disasters during the preceding 12 months may also be considered for eligibility purposes (i.e. COVID-19)

Application Instructions

First Steps

  1. Participate, or view, our Webinar Slide Deck on State Public Assistance [See Attachments]
  2. Download Webinar Audio [See Attachments]
  3. View Detailed Notes Version of Slide Deck [See Attachments]
  4. Email your intent to pursue SPA
  5. Login or Register for an Account in
  6. Create your Damage Assessment (DA) in by Friday, June 12, 2020
    • As the event is ongoing, please update your Damage Assessment by Thursday, July 2, 2020
    • Should the event continue, an additional update  will be due by Thursday, July 16, 2020
  7. Upload Supporting Documentation into your Damage Sites as it becomes available
  8. Maintain contact with your Grant Administrators to assist you throughout the SPA process
  9. When complete, you can save your Assessment “as is” without advancing in the system. This will allow applicants to continue updating Damage Assessment costs as needed.

Events and Webinars

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