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Request a Training

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The Training, Education and Exercise Division (TEED) is responsible for coordinating all of the Agency’s training, exercise, and conference programs and ensuring that these programs are of the highest quality. TEED has been designated as the initial point of contact for all inquiries related to scheduling a training, exercise, or conference event. TEED collaborates with state and local partners, VDEM response programs, the Virginia Emergency Support Team (VEST), and other key stakeholders to ensure that training, exercise, and conference programs address the needs of the emergency management community in the Commonwealth. VDEM’s TEED utilizes resources from Federal, state and other partners to ensure that all learning activities support identified capabilities, priorities, needs and lessons learned.

Needs for training are identified through the Training and Exercise Planning Workshops (TEPW) conducted within each VDEM region on an annual basis. Requests to offer training classes not identified via the TEPW and annual planning processes will be considered with due consideration for budget and resource capacities as well as regional priorities. The process for submitting, reviewing, approving, and initiating these ad hoc programs is described here.

  1. To request a course be added to the training schedule of classes,  Requesting Agents must complete the TEED Request form (attached below)
  2. Requesting Agents are asked to submit Requests for Services at least 45 days prior to the proposed event date.
  3. Requests to schedule a training course in a particular jurisdiction require the approval of the VDEM Chief Regional Coordinator.
  4. Requesting Agents should complete all required fields on the Request for Services form. Incomplete forms will cause processing delays.
  5. Completed Request for Services forms are submitted to TEED’s Academic Support Team at
  6. TEED will notify the Requesting Agent of the decision made on the Request for Services within one week of the decision date.
  7. If you have questions, please contact Stephanie Harris, Training Manager, at or by phone: 804-385-2913