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Geographic Information Network

VGIN Services include the statewide metadata and data clearinghouse portal, hosted web mapping services and applications, and geospatial needs assessment and project management services.

VGIN Advisory Board

Board Members and Meeting Information

Road Centerline Standard Data

Virginia Road Centerline Standard Workgroup

Statewide Data Clearinghouse

VGIN hosts the Virginia GIS Clearinghouse, available on the web at The Virginia GIS Clearinghouse hosts a wealth of data and metadata for Virginia datasets made available through state agencies, local governments, and others.

Base Map Layers and Web Mapping Services

VGIN offers a variety of data layers for public use and subscription consumption. VGIN Map Services supported usage hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Services could be unavailable outside those hours. Public map data is also available through a GARDEN node at William and Mary, please see the GARDEN section of this page for more information. For issues with map service availability, please contact VBMP for assistance.

Publicly available

Publicly available VGIN web service data layers can be seen in the catalog at


NAIP imagery for 2014 can be viewed from the USDA web server at connect to the map server in ArcMap.

Geocoding Services

VGIN offers an ArcGIS Server-based geocoding service that can be used in ESRI GIS software or accessed via Web services for integration with Web-based applications. This is a cascading geocoding service, returning results from locality address point data, locality road centerline address range data, and commercial NAVTEQ address range data. The combination of data sources provides a high hit rate and accuracy for address locations. Hours of support for the geocoding service are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Contact VBMP for more information.


GARDEN (Geospatial Archive Resource and Data Exchange Network) is a distributed network built with University partners to increase access to VGIN data and services. The program website is available at:



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